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Are you an insurer facing new challenges presented by EIOPA's requirement of integrating climate change risk in your ORSA, governance, and risk management system? 

We will deliver an internal online workshop designed to educate your team on the topic of climate change risk management. Through this 2-hour interactive session, you will gain a thorough understanding of EIOPA’s recommendations. To ensure that the workshop is relevant for your business and market, our experts will provide practical examples and run exercises tailored to the specificities of your business.

This workshop is intended for insurers, reinsurers and pension funds, and will be relevant for senior stakeholders and members from your Risk, Actuarial, Finance, Accounting, Reporting and Underwriting teams. 

The topics that will be covered include:

  • Overview of climate change risk: type of risks and materiality assessment,
  • Climate change risk management framework,
  • Climate change scenarios,
  • Modelling and tools,
  • Current regulatory requirements and deadlines.


The agenda for the session is shaped jointly with you, according to your business needs.

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About the team

Yannis Pitaras


Yannis is a qualified actuary with experience in risk management, actuarial modelling and capital management for insurers. He has acquired in-depth knowledge of the insurance sector through the performance of key roles such as CRO and Head of Actuarial Function. He is a subject matter expert in the fields of Solvency II, Risk Appetite Frameworks, Balance Sheet Valuation and ORSA projection models.


Frans Kuys


Frans is an actuary and Financial Risk Manager with international experience in the pensions and insurance sectors. He has been specialising in actuarial valuations, financial reporting, risk management, asset-liability modelling (ALM) and investment consulting. 


Francis Furey


Francis is an actuary within the life and non-life (re)insurance industry. His expertise covers the areas of financial reporting and prudential regulation. He worked in the life insurance industry in a financial reporting and capital modelling capacity with extensive exposure to domestic and international clients with a keen eye on new regulatory developments.