A fresh take on risk and valuation

Turning challenges into successful projects

Our aim is to provide customers with reliable support, incorporating regulatory changes and innovation in valuation, risk modelling and compliance. We are aware that our customers already face numerous complex problems and want to make sure that our services are as convenient, unobtrusive and reliable as it is possible. Finalyse seeks to contribute to a sustainable and resilient financial system to the benefit of all. We take great pleasure from facing the most extraordinary challenges.


A fresh take on you

Our success is driven by personal development and expertise of our consultants

At Finalyse, our consultants embody our competitive advantage. Our business model allows our people to grow, take responsibilities and develop their expertise while having an active role in the company.

With Finalyse Dragons' Den, everyone has the opportunity to pitch a new service definition proposal in front of the entire organisation. If you can convince us that your idea is worth investing in, you will lead the implementation of your initiative.

We are committed to increasing our consultants' overall marketable skills, competences, and know-how by establishing and nourishing an environment that inspires learning. Thanks to our knowledge & talent management policies, our consultants can contribute our unique mix of financial and technological expertise to the benefit of our customers and the financial community at large.

Why Finalyse?

International dimension

We welcome, benefit from, and value diversity. It strengthens our company and allows each of us to tackle personal and professional challenges with a fresh perspective. Finalyse is present in several major cities and delivers high value-added projects to our clients all over Europe. The geographical scope of our activities enables us to offer a broad range of destinations to fulfil both your personal and professional ambitions.

Mentoring / Coaching

Finalyse is a true coaching and learning organisation where we benefit from the experience of others. A colleague will be appointed to you as your mentor when you join. They will provide you with career advice to develop your full potential.

Knowledge sharing

At Finalyse, we work closely together on projects and encourage innovation to achieve our singular goal: make Finalyse’s best problem-solving solutions accessible and suitable for all. Thanks to our culture, which encourages teamwork, our colleagues are always there to help you achieve your goals. This approach allows our consultants to access valuable information, which leads to the quick development of their skills.

Your career

Personalised career path

Our continuous and integrated talent management approach ensures that our company accommodates all relevant levels of talent. When a new colleague joins us, we take the time to set out a road map to assign milestones and objectives in terms of performance & internal expectations. Every year, an annual review is carried out by a partner to assess performance results and determine new development objectives.

Personal Development

Developing your knowledge and skills is an essential part of your life at Finalyse. Our training and educational program not only helps our consultants to stay at the cutting edge of the technology/risk regulatory topics but also aims to accommodate their individual professional needs. It covers different domains, such as modelling, programming, risk management certifications, project management, languages and managerial skills development.

Career progression path

Associate consultant


Senior consultant

Managing consultant

Principal consultant


Career path

Associate consultant
Senior consultant
Managing consultant
Principal consultant

Working at Finalyse

Taking your first steps in the world of finance can be fascinating. But once you have gained some experience and are ready for more, Finalyse is here for you too.

We assign the highest importance to collaboration, empowerment and team spirit and see them as key success factors at Finalyse. Therefore, we have created an open and honest work environment that encourages dialogue and teamwork.

At Finalyse, we strive to create a win-win situation between our consultants, customers, and the company. Therefore, our consultants are given the opportunity to work on missions they are interested in to always stay passionate and dedicated. 

Taking extraordinary care of our employees is very important for us; we greatly value the work-life balance of our people. We assign great importance to cultivating a good atmosphere. We organise an incentive yearly and often invite our employees to informal networking events. 

Finalyse Academy

A continuous learning & development culture to keep growing together.

The ever-changing needs of our profession require continuous investment in our talent. As a member of the Finalyse family, you are encouraged to develop and share your skills. The Finalyse Academy plays a key role in supporting our consultants' development throughout their careers.

Depending on each individual's specific needs and development objectives, Finalyse offers a wide range of internal and/or external training possibilities to meet and exceed our employees' expectations. 

We strongly believe that internal training has the potential to positively affect our people's learning and development attitude. That is why we regularly organise and encourage various internal initiatives like internal seminars, brown bag lunches, coding katas and other hands-on exercises to ensure our people keep their knowledge up to date and collaborate, which enhances the knowledge among consultants.

Last but not least, we also provide tailored financial industry learning paths that are recognized and respected around the financial world, like PRMIA, CFA and FRM, which play an important role as they ensure a certain domain knowledge and expertise for our consultants. By promoting these certifications, we ensure that our consultants possess the same base knowledge and "speak the same language". Thus, the Finalyse Academy, with the help of senior consultants who have previously passed these certifications, helps our people study for the exams and increase the certification success rate.  


Finalyse Brussels
It is not just about what you do today, but also what you will do tomorrow

I am very pleased to have joined this team. From the beginning, I have seen an organisation where team spirit and professional development are at the heart of success. It greatly enhances knowledge sharing and well-being at work, both internally and with the client.

At Finalyse, it is not just about what you do today, but also what you will do tomorrow. I had always wanted to join a company that would give me the opportunity to have a personalised career. Finalyse takes my career goals into account through a training plan prepared in consultation. Interviews are organised during the year to review the objectives. This approach allows me to choose the direction my career will take. 

Finalyse not only considers its employees as individuals but also as a team. And it shows! We get together quite often for nice teambuilding or an interesting communication session. These are the kinds of things that guarantee a good atmosphere between colleagues and make a strong team.

Finalyse Brussels
Teamwork and communication are at the heart of each project

At Finalyse, I feel that teamwork and communication are at the heart of each project. I have the opportunity to learn a lot very fast and work on various exciting and challenging projects such as IFRS 17 implementation, for example. Serving clients in Belgium, Morroco and Canada, I have gained international exposure to best practices and specificities in different markets. 

Here I meet inspiring, talented and experienced people from various backgrounds that help me evolve. My opinion is taken into consideration, so I feel I can have fruitful open discussions with anyone in the firm.

The management team is available and supportive - they provide the conditions that allow you to give your best and develop yourself technically as well as personally. Thus knowledge acquisition and knowledge sharing are highly encouraged through various channels. 

At Finalyse, 'You'll Never Walk Alone.'

Finalyse Dublin
There is a fantastic formal and informal support system in place at all levels

I enjoy working for Finalyse for a variety of reasons. One of the most important is that I get to work with some wonderful people, and there is a fantastic formal and informal support system in place at all levels. Everyone is accessible and prepared to lend a hand. 

This on-the-job support is reinforced by the Finalyse Academy's excellent training curriculum customised to each individual. Personal growth is prioritised, and employees are supported throughout their careers and development within the company. 

Furthermore, Finalyse has a vast client base across a wide range of industries. Working on various intriguing projects with clients based both in Ireland and overseas is always a great learning experience. There's also some encouragement to demonstrate an interest in industries or initiatives that you might not work in but would like to learn more about.

Senior consultant
Finalyse Brussels
Open communication and knowledge sharing are part of the company’s DNA

Since joining Finalyse, I have been fortunate to be part of an organisation where open communication and knowledge sharing are part of the company’s DNA. While working on a broad range of challenging topics, I have been able to rely on the extensive knowledge present within Finalyse. The support provided by my peers and top management allows both my engagements and myself to be successful.

Working at Finalyse allows me to benefit from an environment where I can connect with people from different backgrounds and build on their values, skills, and experiences. The open and direct communication towards top management creates an atmosphere where everyone is in charge of their own career and where taking initiative is rewarded and encouraged.

Senior consultant
Finalyse Brussels
My opinion and interests are valued

I joined Finalyse with the objective of working for a firm with strong expertise in financial risk management and related services. It is precisely what I found at Finalyse, as I was immediately given a chance to start on a project that fit my expectations. From the get-go, I felt that my career interests and objectives were considered, and I was trusted in my ability to learn on the job.

It soon became clear that a very positive culture runs at Finalyse: the teams are composed of highly skilled people who are not only eager to share their knowledge but also open-minded, welcoming, and fun to be around.

The firm is managed in a very transparent manner. My opinion and interests are valued when new assignments are proposed. I feel supported, which, in turn, makes me proud to contribute to Finalyse through my work and my place in the team.

Senior consultant
Finalyse Amsterdam

When I accepted an offer to join Finalyse around 2.5 years ago, my first thought was to make a pun and tell all my friends that I “finalysed” the Finalyse offer. Since that day, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Finalyse. There is a key difference between working for someone and working with someone. When it comes to Finalyse, you feel the latter 100%. Finalyse has helped me develop as well as guided me into becoming a better professional. The whole team, including the top management, is very receptive to ideas and encourages everyone to think independently and produce their version of how we should grow together. Professionally it has been an absolute blast working with a variety of clients and a range of projects which really keep you on your toes and engage you. At the same time, Finalyse is very considerate about your work-life balance, and it has been the best place I’ve ever worked in terms of it.

There’s a small anecdote that I want to share about the ethics and morals of the people I work with. My younger cousin passed away earlier last year, and it was a time when I was very vulnerable and far away from my home, suffering from this bereavement in addition to covid. The support I received from my peers and management was highly appreciated. Even a small email checking up on me or a quick call to see how I am doing matters a lot. And while Finalyse has all the big values and positives sorted out, the small things that people do additionally make me appreciate them much more.

Managing consultant
Finalyse Brussels
I am in control of my career direction

At Finalyse, everyone's individual skill-set is valued. I get to decide my own development objectives, and I have access to tailor-made training programs to help me reach my aspirations.

Daily, I have the opportunity to connect with amazing people of different backgrounds and cultures, which allows me to grow professionally and personally. Travelling abroad, be it on a client assignment or participating in Finalyse annual incentive trips, is another aspect I truly enjoy about this job.

Our flat organizational structure enables us to freely and honestly communicate and share ideas across all levels of seniority.

Good performance is rewarded, and I feel empowered to take initiatives and directly impact the success of the company and that of our clients.

Managing consultant
Finalyse Brussels
I am empowered to steer my career development and become who I want to be

Joining Finalyse enabled me to greatly boost my career with a diverse range of exciting and challenging projects, serving important clients in Belgium, Portugal, and Ireland. Never before had I felt so motivated and empowered to steer my career development and become who I want to be while enjoying fruitful and fun cooperation with other knowledgeable, talented and nice people.

The uniquely friendly environment where communication and constructive interaction between consultants and management is highly encouraged, combined with a solid corporate culture where expertise, respect, and a strong drive for results is embedded in all business units and job grades, makes Finalyse an inspiring place to be.

Senior consultant
Finalyse Brussels

I have worked for big and medium international companies during my career, meeting people from different cultures and countries. At Finalyse, I found a human-size company where people are recognised both for their professional expertise and for who they are.

The organisation's structure allows everybody's voice to be valued and considered. The management team listens to your expectations and offers you numerous opportunities through international and challenging projects to evolve as a risk management expert and person to the best of yourself.

Considering the complexity of nowadays' life, it is important to find the right balance between work and private life and Finalyse is the right place to be to make that possible.

Principal consultant
Finalyse Brussels
I got to take on bigger roles in a dynamic environment

Working in Finalyse has been a great learning experience so far – the best part is working in diverse teams with different skill sets and seamlessly coming together to create excellent solutions. I had a great experience working with multiple resources for a large Irish bank – the scope of work evolved as we progressed, and I got to take on more significant roles in a dynamic environment.

The management is not only supportive and flexible but also extremely receptive - you can just walk up to them and bounce off your ideas/suggestions. The overall growth of the consultant is always one of the key focus areas, and that, to me, is very enriching. I am looking forward to a much longer journey ahead in Finalyse!

Principal consultant
Finalyse Dublin
A wide variety of tasks gives me a reason to enjoy work every day

In Finalyse, the organisational structure is quite flat, and so there is great collaboration among colleagues. As a result, there is easy access to each other, which translates into a nice working environment where everyone gets to know each other on a personal level. 

My role ranges from technical actuarial projects, business development, marketing, branding, writing papers and blog posts, presentations, webinars and meeting clients for business lunches, amongst others. This wide variety gives me a reason to enjoy work every day, knowing that I will be challenged on many levels with great autonomy to carry out these roles. 

Finalyse offers a very competitive salary, a good bonus scheme and other perks like income protection, health insurance, life insurance, pension contributions and phone subscriptions which are all very welcoming. This is combined with an option to work from home plus an excellent work-life balance, which makes Finalyse a great place to work. 

Principal consultant
Finalyse Warsaw
Teamwork is at the heart of Finalyse

Finalyse is a great place to work in. I have a direct impact on my career development plans, and I see a true value in annual reviews. Projects are always challenging, but I constantly feel support from my team. Teamwork is at the heart of Finalyse.

It all comes with a competitive salary and system of bonuses as well as a good balance between work and private life.

Thomas Gillet
Embedded Expertise
Great things can only happen when diverse/complementary profiles work together

As a partner, I’m proud to say that, here at Finalyse, you will find a quite unique and informal environment where empowerment allows you to take initiatives and increase your footprint on the company.

As a newcomer, you will not only get in touch with various assignments around risk management, but you will also connect with inspiring people from different countries and backgrounds. I’m really grateful to Finalyse for offering me the opportunity to work with so many great individuals during my career here, all of them willing to share their knowledge and contribute to our common journey, and also the chance to enjoy social events and incentives with them, allowing me to enrich my vision/perception of many different cultures.

At Finalyse, I’m truly convinced that our diversity reinforces our company and allows each of us to embrace our professional challenges with a fresh perspective. Great things can only happen when diverse/complementary profiles work together.

Marc-Louis Schmitz
Independent Valuation
We may not be the biggest but we do have a strong company culture

When I started at Finalyse, I was a junior and had a lot to learn. The management and the colleagues were really available and supportive, giving me the opportunity to learn through trial and error, leaving room for creativity. The perfect environment for good learning opportunities and personal development. At Finalyse, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects around market risk, derivatives regulations, valuation modelling and front to back system implementations and to grow within the structure of the company.

Today, as one of the Finalyse partners, I’m still learning and discovering new development areas. At Finalyse, I deeply value the professionalism and expertise of the team. Consultants and clients are respected and treated with fairness. We may not be the biggest, but we do have a strong company culture!

Benoît Leman
Finalyse Group
Today, as Managing Partner of Finalyse, I am proud to lead the team of Partners and Risk Experts

In 1996, when I started at Finalyse, we were only 4 employees. At that time, the idea of risk management was quite new in most financial institutions, regulation was very limited, and lots of challenges pointed ahead. Needless to say, this was a unique opportunity to learn and develop a strong analytical background on challenging projects. 

With more than 20 years of experience as a Risk professional, I have developed strong expertise in the design and implementation of valuation and risk management solutions for large financial institutions in Europe, bridging the gap between specific business requirements and complex information systems.