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Amendments to the Solvency II Directive is entering into the conclusive phase having final approvals provided by the European Parliament and the European Council in January 2024. Following its full ratification by the Council and the Parliament, expected to occur later in 2024, the revised Solvency II Directive will be mandated for national adoption. Alongside the work on integrating the Level 1 text, regulators and firms will need to adhere to new and amended Level 2 and Level 3 instruments, the details of which are still unclear.  .

To help our insurance clients flag any significant changes applicable to them of the new Directive and plan for the challenges that come with it, we are conducting a 1-hour online interactive session on the final amendments to the SII Directive. 

This workshop is intended for all insurers and reinsurers regulated by Solvency II. It will be relevant for Senior stakeholders and members of your Risk, Actuarial, Finance, Accounting and Reporting teams. 

Depending on your specific preferences, the workshop will cover:

  • An overview of the Solvency II review process to date
  • Expected future milestones and timelines of the Solvency II review
  • Main updates and modifications within Pillar 1
  • Significant changes introduced in Pillar 2
  • Significant changes introduced in Pillar 3

Register below or contact insurance@finalyse.com for more details. 

We look forward to talking to you. 

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Solvency II - timeline and directive

About the team

Francis Furey

Principal Consultant - Expert in financial and regulatory reporting, actuarial and risk modelling

Francis is a Principal Consultant in charge of the Insurance practice in Dublin. He has over 15 years of experience within the life and non-life (re)insurance industry as an actuary. His expertise covers the areas of financial reporting, prudential regulation and actuarial modelling. Francis has worked in both industry and consulting with extensive exposure to domestic and international clients and a keen eye on new regulatory developments.



Lamia Amouch

Principal Consultant - Expert in financial and regulatory reporting, actuarial and risk modelling

Lamia Amouch is a Principal Consultant responsible for the Insurance practice in Paris. With over 17 years of experience in actuarial consultancy, risk management, and regulatory compliance within the insurance industry, she specializes in Solvency II and IFRS17. She has also served as an actuarial function holder for insurers in the UK and France. Lamia is actively involved in regulatory monitoring, keeping track of developments in Solvency II, Climate Risk, and other regulatory changes.


Divyank Garg

Senior Consultant – Expert in financial reporting and actuarial modelling

Divyank is a Senior consultant in the Finalyse risk advisory insurance practice with more than 8 years of experience and a part qualified Actuary. He has acquired expertise in Solvency II, IFRS17 and MCEV reporting and has worked for life and non-life business. He has gained experience in reporting for companies under Solvency II and Solvency II like regimes including, RBC2 Singapore, HK RBC. Additionally, he has strong coding skills that include Insurance risk suite (formerly Prophet) and DCS, SAS, R, VBA.