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Finalyse provides EMIR and SFTR reporting as a managed service. Connected to Regis-TR, we will spare you most of the migration process. 


Delegate the reporting towards Finalyse, which will act as Third Party. We only need to build a bridge between our ready-to-use solution and the client's internal data system.
Finalyse has experience in migrating clients (from DTCC to Regis-TR).
You can benefit by fully outsourcing the reporting solution.
Excellent client support: swift responce to clients' requests.
Our pricing schemes are competitive and transparent.
Finalyse EMIR and SFTR reporting solutions are continiously updated to correspond to regulatory requirements.
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With UnaVista closing its SFTR trade repository service in Europe, the transition stress is natural, especially with the closure date on January 31.

Firms falling under the requirements of both SFTR and EMIR are now puzzled as to whether to fragment their reporting to different TRs or to make one principal move. Although partial transition looks appealing at first, one should consider the inevitable stack of duties, such as finding a new partner, arranging the contract, aligning data formats, maintaining data integrity.