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211. Building an Integrated Data Layer consistent with ECB’s BIRD initiative  
Financial institutions face increasing challenges in complying with BCBS-239 principles, particularly in documenting data lineage and mapping process flows for relevant risk metrics. The…  
212. Navigating Inflation Risk  
In terms of risk identification, insurers are encouraged to ensure that risks are analysed with a sufficient level of granularity. For insurance, different lines of business, sectors or…  
UNLOCKING THE FUTURE OF INSURANCE - A DEEP DIVE INTO AI AND MACHINE LEARNING Complimentary educational workshop Frans Kuys Frans is an actuary and Financial Risk Manager with…  
214. Main page - Firsthand testimonies  
Firsthand testimonies Firsthand testimonies Support in development and implementation of IFRS 17 Solution  SAS has developed…  
217. Process automation for (re)insurers  
Key steps in process automation:  
218. Process automation for (re)insurers  
  Examples of removing pain points from your process via automation:  
219. Process automation for (re)insurers  
  Robust automated workflows A robust automated workflow has some or all the following characteristics:    
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