A fresh take on risk and valuation

Regulatory Brief

A catalogue of policy updates impacting the financial industry.
Emphasis is made on risk management, reporting and disclosure. It further covers legislation on governance, accounting and trading, as well as information on the current business environment. It gives you summaries of the most important regulations by topic, indicates their status and estimated impact and links to further information. Regulatory Briefs (RegBriefs) reflect Finalyse's priority to master the ever-evolving and complex regulated industry we work in. Through concise regulatory updates, we produce a compilation approximately every 4 months depending on policy volume.

April 2019

Our latest RegBrief is out!
April version contains 70 updates on the most important regulatory matters between 1st January 2019 and 31st March 2019. In comparison to previous versions it filters out less important announcements. It also contains an expert article on 2018 Solvency II review, which consist of:

  • High level summary of Solvency II review
  • ¬†Detailed examination of the Adjustment for the loss-absorbing capacity of deferred taxes
  • ¬†A table providing detailed overview of all changes brought about by 2018 Solvency II review

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January 2019

This January edition is the longest yet, comprising of more than 180 updates and three expert articles on:

  • Reverse stress testing;
  • The ECB supervisory priorities and;
  • SFTR regulation (and particularly reporting under it).
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October 2018

This October edition includes almost 180 regulatory updates collected between 1st June 2018 and 30th September 2018.
The catalogue is enhanced by 3 expert articles:

  • Basel III: Operational risk in Banking
  • Approaches to Independent Valuation of structured products and complex OTC Derivatives
  • 2018 stress tests: evolution, revolution or a chimera?
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