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Finalyse contribution to sustainability

As an employer, Finalyse believes that it is its duty to contribute to a more sustainable environment.

In 2021, Finalyse launched an internal analysis to determine its carbon footprint prior to embarking on its sustainability journey around three key impact areas: Mobility, Travel and Infrastructure.

Besides offering flexible multimodal mobility packages to encourage biking and public transport, Finalyse already contributed by moving its head office to a more sustainable real estate.

To date, Finalyse has succeeded in cutting CO2 emissions by about 40% in a period of three years. The milestone achievement resulted from diverse initiatives in our impact areas, largely mobility (despite the number of employees continuing to rise). This strong start puts the organization on a clear trajectory towards eventual carbon neutrality in 2030

To achieve this goal, we commit to:

  • Implement sustainability governance driven from the executive level and embedded into business processes.
  • Invest in meaningful market solutions for GHG emissions we cannot eliminate.
  • Use resources and manage waste according to circular economy principles.
  • Work with our suppliers to reduce GHG emissions and tackle other environmental impacts in our supply chain.
  • Review progress and report publicly agains our environmental and energy targets (including 1,5' C aligned science-based GHG reduction targets).
  • Optimise internal environmental conditions and reduce our impact on local air quality, to contribute to health and well-being.
  • Collaborate with clients and external stakeholders to create and scale climate solutions and stimulate the green economy.
  • Educate our staff on their environmental impacts and empower them to tackle action on climate change in their work and private lives.