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EMIR and SFTR single hub reporting


Belgian private bank



The bank is a long-lasting client of Finalyse, who requested an outsourced EMIR reporting managed service in 2018. Upon release of the new SFTR regulation, the client encountered the challenge identifying what rules specifically apply to them, what data must be collected and from what sources, which information is optional to disclose, and which is mandatory.

Finalyse has been working on extension of functionalities of automated reporting tool to cover securities financing transactions. Earlier this year our development team has completed upgrading of the solution. Our aim is to allow our customers to be SFTR compliant with minimum costs and effort on their part, and to benefit from our expertise in reporting under the European regulatory framework. Thus this private bank in Belgium has become our first SFTR reporting client. The onboarding process is completed and the reporting will officially begin in July 2020.

Benefits of the provided solution

Key success factors

Reporting requirements under SFTR are strongly inspired by EMIR. We already have ample experience with helping institutions to cope with reporting-related requirements. Leveraging on our experience and EMIR solution we have extended our software to cover SFTR.