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Designed to meet Prophet modelling requirements of the Actuarial and Risk teams

Finalyse’s actuaries and risk modelers can help you with the development and maintenance of FIS ® Prophet models.

Our Prophet experts offer pragmatic solutions to increase the functionality and efficiency of Prophet models, used for reserving, reporting, ALM and product development purposes.

You can leverage on our expertise whether you use or intend to use Prophet. We can intervene punctually or as part of wider implementation and testing projects which we can run end-to-end thanks to the depth and variety of our pool of Prophet experts.

How does Finalyse address your challenges?

Model Implementation

Design, integrate, test and document Prophet models used for reserving, product development, ALM, regulatory compliance and reporting purposes.

Model review

Review, audit and validate existing models required for various reporting measures such as MCEV, IFRS17, Solvency II, Local GAAP, etc.

Reduce complexity and cost

Fight model complexities by taking pragmatic approaches, identifying and implementing quick-wins or by completely reengineering existing processes and improve long term costs.

Identify optimal model points to achieve quicker run times and reduce the number of runs by using, for example, array variables, or other techniques.

Model migration

Perform model migrations where there are legacy data and systems e.g., following mergers or acquisitions. Ensure that Prophet models are consistent and compatible with clients’ systems and processes.


Provide Prophet training sessions, with the aim to transfer knowledge and ensure sound understanding of modelling techniques.

Improve functionality

Introduce Prophet techniques to enhance the model’s functionalities by, for example, introducing calculation loops and minimising the number of ‘out-of-model’ adjustments.

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Key Features

  1. FIS ® Prophet is a widely used tool in the insurance industry which is used for pricing, reserving and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. It is crucial that companies have fully functional Prophet models in place which incorporate all aspects of their business.
  2. It is an ongoing challenge for companies to maintain their Prophet models, so that they can keep up with the evolution of their business as well as with changes to the regulatory environment.
  3. Finalyse, through its technical expertise, can support clients with all their Prophet software needs. We utilise innovative and best-practice solutions to generate real value over time.

Our subject matter experts

Evelyn McNulty
Managing Consultant - Expert in Climate Change Risk Measurement / IFRS 17 Implementation / Solvency II / Prophet

Evelyn McNulty is a qualified actuary with over 13 years’ experience in the insurance industry. Evelyn is currently supporting multinational non-life insurer in climate change risk management design and was involved in SAS IFRS 17 Solution implementation projects. Evelyn has a broad range of experience including financial and regulatory reporting (Solvency II, GAAP, MCEV), capital modelling (SCR, ORSA), leading client audits, process improvements and data analysis, with proficiency in Prophet and VBA.

Divyank Garg
Senior Consultant - Expert in IFRS 17 / Actuarial and Risk Modelling / Prophet

Divyank is a Senior consultant in Finalyse risk advisory insurance practice with more than 7 years of experience. He comes with expertise in Solvency II, IFRS17 and MCEV. His technical expertise covers various tools such as Prophet and DCS, R, VBA. He has acquired considerable experience for modelling in Prophet, DCS and statutory valuation.

Seán Burke
Senior Consultant - Expert in Prophet / AXIS

Seán is a qualified actuary with expertise in the areas of financial reporting and actuarial modelling for life insurers. He has strong modelling expertise in Prophet and DCS, having been involved in several migration projects and model updates in his previous roles. He also has a working knowledge of the GGY AXIS actuarial software and is continuously developing his proficiency in this area.

Paramjeet Singh
Senior Consultant - Expert in ICS / IFRS 17 Implementation

Paramjeet is a nearly qualified actuary within the life industry with 7 years of proven experience across various projects and countries. His expertise covers the areas of IFRS17 implementation, Solvency II and Prophet Modelling. He worked in the life insurance industry for several large insurance projects in a valuation and modelling capacity with a variety of domestic and international clients across various insurance regulatory requirements.