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Working at Finalyse at a glance

You like being good at what you do. Not just good, great! You want to grow your expertise to a state of the art level, at the frontier between technology and finance, thanks to challenging projects and knowledge sharing.

Working at Finalyse, you will have a feeling of fulfillment when achieving effective results through a very pragmatic and hands-on approach. You will share our passion for client satisfaction and deliver tailored solutions in co-creation with our clients’ teams.

Thanks to our company culture, your colleagues will be there for you to enable you to achieve your goals. Our work environment encourages teamwork and innovation. It ensures equal opportunities for all employees. We welcome, benefit from and value the diversity of our colleagues’ backgrounds.

This unique blend of values has contributed to more than 30 years of successful projects.

Does this appeal to you? We look forward to meeting you!

Finalyse Amsterdam

"Work on challenging projects matching your preferences"

Working at Finalyse means working in a highly competent team on a variety of projects. You will get the possibility to work on challenging projects matching your preferences and an educational package allows you to further develop your skills. There is always room for initiatives and a policy of knowledge sharing within the organization means you will learn a lot from your colleagues. We work in a flexible and independent way, meaning you can adjust your work to your private life as you see fit.

"A welcoming and supportive environment to work in"

Right away when I came to Finalyse, I felt that it is a welcoming and supportive environment to work in. There is no internal competition and my work is always highly valued. The future prospects for projects are regularly discussed with me, such that I would be able to work on the topics which I enjoy the most. Moreover, working in Finalyse enables me to constantly develop myself, as there is a motivational career development plan, and clearly set professional as well as personal goals to achieve.

Finalyse Brussels

Finalyse Luxembourg

"Real team spirit, numerous trainings and open communication"

Being part in an organisation which wants to keep up with all changes is crucial in this time in which the uncertainty is ever more pressing. Real team spirit, numerous trainings and open communication are all key to addressing this challenge. I take active part in this rapidly changing world, and am thrilled to do so in the company of my Finalyse colleagues.

Finalyse Brussels

"More like in a family-friendly organisation rather than in a corporate world"

Having joined Finalyse approximately 2 years ago as a consultant based in Belgium, I believe its greatest asset are the people. Finalyse is full of talented individuals who possess an amazing passion for work and an infectious energy. We enjoy a great atmosphere; more like in a family-friendly organisation rather than in a corporate world. Working for Finalyse is an excellent work experience, as well as an opportunity to get involved in diverse projects. Our culture encourages and supports us to widen our learning scope. There is an open door policy. I know my ideas and/or concerns are always taken into consideration. Working at Finalyse allows me to contribute to the success of the company, while growing professionally. I look forward to many more years with Finalyse.

"Openly discuss the potential projects with the management"

In Finalyse, we have the opportunity to openly discuss with the management the potential projects we might be involved in. This gives us the chance to explore new possible areas where to improve our expertise and how to bring our customer additional value added to their needs. This has personally given me the opportunity to be at the forefront of our customers’ strategic projects where the challenging environment fuels my desire for knowledge.

Finalyse Brussels

Finalyse Brussels

"Opportunity to go abroad and help a growing bank"

When I joined Finalyse about a year ago, I got the opportunity to go abroad and help a growing bank in the Netherlands with its regulatory risk calculation and reporting framework. Thanks to the technical training provided by Finalyse prior to the start, as well as the support from a senior colleague who worked on the same assignment, I became quickly familiar with the client’s systems and processes. This has enabled me to think along strategically in the project team, which makes the experience most valuable. Along the way, there are frequent moments of feedback with Finalyse about the set of skills I am developing and how they align with both the contribution to Finalyse’s internal knowledge base as well as my own long-term career vision.

Finalyse Warsaw

"Teamwork is at the heart of Finalyse"

Finalyse is a great place to work in. I have a direct impact on my career development plans and I see true value in annual reviews. Projects are always challenging but I constantly feel support from my team. Teamwork is at the heart of Finalyse.

It all comes with a competitive salary and system of bonuses as well as a good balance between work and private life.

"Get the recognition you deserve"

Joining Finalyse has enabled me to access the lessons learnt from 30 years of credit, market or operational risk management as well as given me an innovative and fair working environment where I could grow to make a difference. 

You can become part of a firm where knowledge sharing and open communication are nurtured, where you are in the driver’s seat of your development and get the recognition you deserve.

So, why hold back?

Finalyse Brussels

Finalyse Brussels

"Evolving in a senior role without becoming entangled in a heavy hierarchical structure"

Bringing my expertise to accompany a client on specific matters at specific moments is something that I enjoy. Evolving in a senior role without becoming entangled in a heavy hierarchical structure is refreshing.  And with new missions comes the chance to explore new areas. The companionship between consultants and the healthy work environment also rank high among the reasons why I’m happy to work at Finalyse.

"Work in The Netherlands and abroad, thanks to our good reputation among customers"

I joined Finalyse because I was looking for a consultancy company focused on my field of work: risk management. Finalyse has met my expectations. I have been doing many challenging projects over the last five years, in The Netherlands and abroad, thanks to our good reputation among customers. Furthermore, Finalyse provides competitive salaries and, in case of good performance, rewards you with attractive bonuses.

Finalyse Amsterdam

Finalyse Luxembourg

"Straight forward communication "

After more than 20 years of experience in the financial markets working for different entities, cultures and languages, I can say that Finalyse is the most advanced social structure I have seen up to now. This is thanks to the “RACI” matrix (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) that was put in place in 2008. This matrix allows to replace (as much as possible) hierarchical burden replacing it by a responsibilities chart that determines decision points for key activities. I wouldn’t have thought that this organization would have such a positive impact on a company! It brings empowerment to each of us on the achievement of our objectives, it eases Interpersonal relationships and provides straight forward communication with all employees. I really feel comfortable in such an environment and I am pretty sure that this contributes to my capacity to deliver and be successful.

"Great things can only happen when diverse/complementary profiles work together"

As a partner, I’m proud to say that, here at Finalyse, you will find a quite unique and informal environment where empowerment allows you to take initiatives and increase your footprint on the company. As a newcomer, you will not only get in touch with various assignments around risk management but you will also connect with inspiring people from different countries and backgrounds. I’m really grateful to Finalyse for offering me the opportunity to work with so many great individuals during my career here, all of them willing to share their knowledge and contribute to our common journey, and also the chance to enjoy social events and incentives with them, allowing me to enrich my vision/perception of many different cultures. At Finalyse, I’m truly convinced that our diversity reinforces our company and allows each of us to embrace our professional challenges with a fresh perspective. Great things can only happen when diverse/complementary profiles work together.

Finalyse Group

Marc- Louis
Finalyse Group

"We may not be the biggest but we do have a strong company culture"

When I started at Finalyse, I was a junior and had a lot to learn. The management and the colleagues were really available and supportive, giving me the opportunity to learn through trial and error, leaving room for creativity. The perfect environment for good learning opportunities and personal development. At Finalyse, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects around market risk, derivatives regulations, valuation modelling and front to back system implementations, and to grow within the structure of the company. 

Today, as one of Finalyse partners, I’m still learning and discovering new development areas. At Finalyse, I deeply value the professionalism and expertise of the team. Consultants and clients are respected and treated with fairness. We may not be the biggest but we do have a strong company culture!