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Finalyse Services

A comprehensive list of services for financial institutions and corporates, performed by dedicated experts.
Finalyse - Risk Advisory

You are looking for financial experts to assist you in choosing and implementing the best solutions to measure, report and manage your risks.

Finalyse Valuation Services

You are looking for an independent, cost-effective and tailored outsourced service for the valuation and reporting of OTC derivatives and structured products.

Regulatory Compliance - Finalyse

You are looking for a guidance and up-to-date solutions to comply with evolving regulatory requirements, such as EMIR, Basel III/CRD IV, Solvency II, AIFMD, MiFIR, FMIA.

Latest news

  • New Insurance Contracts Accounting Standard
    On 18 May 2017, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) released the final version of IFRS 17, the new accounting standard for insurance contracts. IFRS 17, also known as IFRS…
  • New EMIR Rules Announced!
    On 4 May 2017, the European Commission released its proposal for the review of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR). Following an assessment in its Regulatory Fitness and…
  • Finalyse Monitors Brexit Consequences for the Financial Industry
    Finalyse participated in a day of discussions on Brexit & European Financial Markets with industry representatives and policy makers at the 8th Bruges European Economic…
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    At Finalyse we live by a set of shared values that guide the actions and behaviour of each of us. These values influence the way we have been working and interacting with our colleagues as well as the way we have been serving our clients for the last 28 years.


    Seasoned financial experts - Finalyse

    Seasoned financial experts

    Our consultants have deep theoretical knowledge refined by proven practical experience, allowing us to create complementary and multidisciplinary teams to carry out your projects.

    At the forefront of regulation - Finalyse

    At the forefront of regulation

    We constantly monitor regulatory developments, to anticipate tomorrow’s requirements and provide up-to-date advisory services.

    Outstanding clients records - Finalyse

    Outstanding clients records

    Finalyse is recognized as a trusted advisor, thanks to years of client intimacy and successful delivery.

    Finest partnerships - Finalyse

    Finest partnerships

    Finalyse forges partnerships with innovative companies whose products offer unique value to our clients.

    Local presence, Europe-wide - Finalyse

    Local presence, Europe-wide

    With strong presence in major financial centers of Western and Central Europe, we accompany our customers across borders.