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Do more with less
Designed to help risk professionals focus on their core activities
Many risk processes were not designed or engineered; they evolved over time. Risk architectures have grown organically over the years to follow the growth of the business and to accommodate the ever-increasing needs of control authorities. New requirements are often resolved by adding layers to a risk framework that becomes inevitably more complex and less efficient. Duplicate data, redundant checking, manual workarounds, reformatting, investigating discrepancies and many other mundane tasks are some examples. As a result, many risk professionals are not able to focus on what matters most: analysing the risks, unearthing patterns or trends and sending the right signals to the executives. This service aims at streamlining risk processes in order to achieve cost savings, improve output quality and boost time management.

How does Finalyse address your challenges?

Cut delivery times, raise quality, and reduce cost

Optimise the whole value chain

Redeploy the skills of risk and finance professionals

Improve the control on the inputs and enhance traceability of the output

Increase flexibility and responsiveness

Improve communication and governance

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Key Features

  1. Aims at streamlining risk processes in order to, improve quality, boost time management, redeploy the skills of professionals, and achieve cost savings.
  2. Tailored to fit internal needs and business requirements.
  3. Ensures robustness, durability, and scalability.

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