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Automated EMIR and SFTR reporting services

Are you EMIR Compliant?

Are you walking down the road to SFTR compliance?

FINALYSE can assess the EMIR and SFTR impact on your organization, and we also offer a robust solution for the EMIR requirements on Derivatives transactions, through an automated reporting tool.

The solution processes automatic data flows of any underwriting, modification, valuation and trade termination of your Derivatives, directly towards a major Trade Repository system. This solution can be easily implemented on site or externalised towards Finalyse (Third Party).

Finalyse EMIR reporting solution has been developed with a broad range of functionalities and will be fully compatible with SFTR RTS once they are finalised. 



Solution is designed to:

  • Automatically and easily report to a major Trade Repository
  • Being EMIR/SFTR compliant at a reasonable cost
  • Allow any type of input format ranging from excel, CSV and XML
  • Check, map and convert data into the ESMA EMIR required taxonomy
  • Support ETD and OTC
  • Generate events autonomously

General Advantages:

  • Fully EMIR/SFTR compliant
  • No need to follow the regulation, our solution and services are updated regularly to comply with ESMA latest requirement
  • Quick onboarding
  • Delegation of intra-group transactions
  • Back loading of historical transactions
  • Valuation of transactions (Finalyse Valuation Services)
  • Daily Transaction and Valuation Reports
  • Daily Quality and TR Reports

Finalyse EMIR reporting solution design

Finalyse EMIR reporting solution design

EMIR Reporting Solution in practice

EMIR Reporting Solution in practice

The Process

  1. Import of the transaction from the client system or structured file and conversion
  2. After quality checks, audit login transaction is sent to the TR
  3. Analysis of the feedback and validation of the successful reporting

Technical Advantages of our solution

  • Full audit trail
  • Full history of transactions
  • Automated data quality checks
  • Automated track changes
  • Automated batch process
  • Automated upload/download to TR
  • Tailor made ETL Bridge per client

Easy Implementation or Full Outsourcing

Finalyse’s solution for EMIR consists of a data model concept and process flow which can be easily implemented on site. The remaining workload is to build a bridge between our ready-to-use solution and the client’s internal data system(s). Furthermore, customers can delegate the reporting towards Finalyse, which will act as Third Party.

Software Implementation

  • EMIR User Interface
  • IT infrastructure of Client
  • Client’s connection and security with TR


  • Daily Overview Reports (pdf, csv, …)
  • IT infrastructure of Finalyse
  • Finalyse’s connection and security with TR

Finalyse EMIR Reporting Solution can be extended with the automatic download of the mismatch and inter-mismatch reports. The reports will be automatically downloaded on a daily/weekly basis. Based on the information provided by the TR, Finalyse will update the deal’s reconciliation status and store the reconciliation errors in a separate data mart. 

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Finalyse EMIR Reporting Solution can be extended with our independent valuation service for OTC Derivatives/Structured Products (Finalyse Valuation Services).