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Private Equity Valuation

Is your valuation process free of conflicts of interest? How would you justify the evolution of the price of each of the investments in your portfolios

Valuation is the cornerstone of the Private Equity Industry as it impacts the main actors of this market: LPs and GPs as well as supervising authorities. All these actors have one crucial focus: “Fair Value”. A fair valuation can be challenging to justify when the valuation is provided by a party that is also interested in the performance of the investment (like the GP). To avoid any conflict of interest and comply with the independence requirement of the AIFMD regulation, Finalyse can offer you its independent Valuation service.

The independent valuation service includes also financing instruments like Mezzanine loans and structured debt instruments. It is delivered in compliance with market standards and is provided with full support, allowing price justification.  

Why Finalyse?

  • Different methodologies used (Public multiples, DCF, recent transactions etc…)
  • Open to the Client's Due Diligence (ensure high quality service)
  • Proper documentation
  • Record keeping of data
  • IPEV standards
  • Fair Value complies with IFRS requirements

What benefits should you expect?

  • Independent and consistent computation of NAV over time 
  • Compliance with the AIFMD regulation 
  • Best market practice (IPEV guidelines)
  • One-stop shop for OTC derivatives, structured products, and PE valuation
  • The service is enhanced with fully documented justification of the price
  • Quarterly presentation of prices to the valuation committee (if needed)


By subscribing to Finalyse Independent Valuation Service, Private Equity Management Companies are guaranteed outstanding client support, full transparency of the process, consistency of the valuation over time, confidence towards regulator expectations, and can leverage from working with recognised and experienced valuation experts.