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Insurance Companies

Finalyse - Composing solutions for Finance

Risk Advisory

If you are an Insurance Company, Finalyse can help you find a solution to your problems in different areas as Risk Advisory, to implement systems and processes for Insurance Risk Management.

Insurance follows the general trend towards more sophisticated models for quantifying both value and risk embedded in activities. This enables management to fine-tune even more precisely the risk management process for a more optimal risk-return combination.

Our professionals have a mix of actuarial and financial experience as well as practical knowledge of how to turn theory into practice. They can ensure that the models are successfully implemented, drawing on a range of experience from ALM to Solvency, from pricing to stochastic modelling, in addition to Actuarial knowledge. More specifically, we have experience in:

OTC Derivatives Valuation

Check our OTC Derivatives Valuation Services, launched in response to a growing demand from financial institutions for transparent pricing information. It aims at providing a cost-effective and tailored outsourcing service for the valuation of complex derivatives and structured products.

Regulatory Compliance

We can also provide you with solutions to comply with the different regulations you're concerned with, for example: