Finalyse - Composing Solutions for Finance

Asset Managers

Finalyse - Composing solutions for Finance

Risk Advisory

If your company evolves in the Asset Management sector, Finalyse's aim is to help you focus on your core services of investment and client management, whether by working directly with you, or by working with other actors in the industry, such as brokers, custodians and data providers.

As Risk Advisory, we can help you with:

OTC Derivatives Valuation

Check our OTC Derivatives Valuation Services, launched in response to a growing demand from financial institutions for transparent pricing information. It aims at providing a cost-effective and tailored outsourcing service for the valuation of complex derivatives and structured products.

Regulatory Compliance

We can also provide you with solutions to comply with the new regulations and the stricter risk reporting and compliance requirements you're concerned with, for example: