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International Financial Reporting Standards: IFRS 9

Finalyse - Composing solutions for Finance

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution endorsing IFRS 9 as an improvement on IAS 39 and one of the major responses of the IASB to the financial crisis. The Parliament calls for further guidance from the European Supervisory Authorities to support the implementation of the new accounting standards.

The Commission is expected to publish impact analyses of the new standards on the banking and insurance sector and financial markets. IFRS 9 will be effective as from 1 January 2018 and replaces IAS 39.

Finalyse can support you in preparing for the application of the new accounting rules, for example with implementing appropriate classification and measurement processes and applying the new impairment model, to be compliant in due time while reducing impacts on the P&L statement. More information here.

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