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Finalyse - Composing solutions for Finance


Finalyse is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. 30 years of what we genuinely believe to be excellence in providing our clients with the best solutions and ways to tackle their challenges. 30 years of sharing excitement and sometimes pain with our clients in addressing all types of regulatory and market developments. 30 years of working with and for you.  

We would like to thank all of our clients past and present. We would like to thank all those who have done any form of business with us or cooperated with us in any way, shape or form; this 30-year long ride has been an absolute blast and would have been impossible without you. We are looking forward to a more and more trusting cooperation with you, thanks to services you can rely on. 


Founded in 1988, Finalyse is a Europe-wide leading consultancy specialised in valuationrisk and performance solutions and regulatory compliance. Our teams combine the financial and technical know-how to deliver high value-added projects to our clients all over Europe. By working closely with our clients, we contribute to successful projects: the best guarantee for a long term relationship of trust.

At Finalyse we live by a set of shared values that guide the actions and behaviour of each of us. These values influence the way we have been working and interacting with our colleagues as well as the way we have been serving our clients for the last 30 years.

Our values

We continuously develop our people skills so as to bring a unique mix of financial and technological expertise.
We build up effective value chains and pragmatic solutions through a hands-on approach.
Team Spirit
We enjoy working in teams while designing and building tailored solutions in co- creation with our clients.
We give our people the opportunity to grow, take responsibility and develop their expertise and leadership to fulfil their aspirations.
We treat our clients with fairness and ensure equal opportunities for all our employees.

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